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Although it may seem trivial in terms of your overall routine, leaving the thirst quencher at home forces many guys to head to the water fountain in between sets. Avoid putting together a circuit that takes over the entire gym.

This bad habit not only inconveniences other gym-goers, who are forced to sit and watch as you hog equipment all over the gym, but also wastes your precious workout time.

Furthermore, before a big compound lift—like a squat or a deadlift—start with a warmup set with more reps at a lighter weight.

It'll further increase blood flow to your muscles, and help you cue up good form before you start going heavy.

You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll finish your workout.

"Most guys should be in and out of the gym in 60 minutes, including warmup, cool-down, and a good lifting session," says Jason Ferruggia, head strength coach at Renegade Strength and Conditioning.

Have a dedicated warmup that involves bodyweight exercises like lunges, squats, pushups, and jumping jacks to elevate your heart rate before you attack the weights head on.

No matter how short of a time you have, always include a quick warmup in your workout.

Come prepared with a Plan B and you’ll stay moving rather than wasting your time waiting for the bench to open up.

Although it may save time, dodging the pre-workout warmup is a surefire way to get injured during a tough workout.

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Walk onto any average joe gym floor, and you’ll probably notice guys using cringeworthy exercise form or doing moves that don't really accomplish anything.

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