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"Close your eyes." he said - "And open your mouth - with your tongue out." Obviously he had some fantasy how he wanted this to happen. He puts his cock on my face, and makes me lick it wet all over. He grabs my head and forces his balls in my mouth, and I feel him wanking himself."Keep sucking my balls he says." and I feel his wanking rhythm increase.I had never felt this before - somebody was sucking my cock.Sure, I had imagined it, but in my imagination it had been a girl with big tits, not a guy with an erection. I felt my orgasm quickly building, and the pulses were starting in my body.

Then I sucked both his balls into my mouth, and wanked him faster while making moaning noises around his balls.I'm alone with my best friend who's just confessed to sucking some guys cock, and wanking him off. He said they wanked each other off, and then went to sleep. I asked him "Are you gay - is that what you're telling me? We're both rock hard, and I make the next move - which is to undo his pants button and zip down his fly and pull his pants off.I feel my cock hardening in my pants, and wonder if he can see it? " He said "No, I'm not gay." "Good, because I'm not gay either." I told him. I felt tension, and I started thinking "why did he tell me this" and wondering if he was going to try something. He's wearing tight red jocks, and the outline of his cock and balls is easy to see through the material.Let me say straight off that I don't consider myself bi-curious. Having said that, as a teen I had this friend and we did engage in what can only be described as bi-sexual behaviour, and sure - I guess it was experimental - at first - but it's hard to say something is experimental when you do it about 20 times. i make my move and reach across and put my hand on Matt's cock, and start gently stroking him through his pants. I don't want to touch them, kiss them and I never look at guys with any sort of sexual thoughts.

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