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Then in 2000, with a series of hit films and widely seen TV appearances, Yoo was more constantly in the limelight than any other actor, and in a very short time, rose to become a major actor in Korean film.

His first brush with fame came in the role of "Paint" in his second feature, the 1999 hit Attack the Gas Station.

He is friends with comedian Kim Joon-ho, having lived together as roommates during college and briefly acting together onstage.

Currently a student at the Catholic University of Korea Graduate School of Social Work, Yoo is very active in philanthropic efforts.

It's impossible to compare the pleasure you get from it." For the biopic The Tenor - Lirico Spinto, Yoo practiced singing for four hours everyday for more than a year, and took private English and Japanese lessons to portray Bae Jae-chul, an internationally acclaimed tenor who loses his voice to thyroid cancer. "My mother, who worked as a nurse for a long time, wants to run a hospital for the elderly someday.

With the surprise success of his third film Ditto in spring 2000, Yoo's star status was secured.

In the succeeding years, he gained acting recognition by working with acclaimed directors such as Hur Jin-ho in One Fine Spring Day (2001), Park Chan-wook in Oldboy (2003), and Hong Sang-soo in Woman is the Future of Man (2004).

Yoo began directing short films in 2003, which were well received in the film festival circuit.

His feature directorial debut Mai Ratima was released in 2013.

Yoo Ji-tae began his career as a fashion model, and he walked the runway for the Seoul Fashion Artist Association collections in 1995.

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A graduate of Dankook University with a major in Theater and Film, he also established a theater to put on one play a year.

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