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"We wanted to arrange a game that was close in vicinity and also gave us a good step from which to the start of the season."The January camp will kick off with a larger pool of players, mostly featuring North American-based players that are just entering their pre-seasons.

The list of players will be announced in the first week of January."We want to give our players a leg up in their preparation for the new season, but also give us the opportunity to assess and evaluate a larger group of players," said Findlay.

"We try not to be serious at all costs," said Mc Leod, who's also the No. The pair, who live with several other teammates in a Ukrainian Village apartment complex, do almost no preparation for the show. We haven't always been on the ball here," Masar said.

Chicago Red Stars teammates Ella Masar (left) and Erin Mc Leod converse during a taping of "The Ella and Erin Show" at the Red Stars' Lincoln Park office. The show always begins with the co-hosts clumsily hitting their leather chairs into each other.

I have seen some of the tourist attractions in London and even found some nice, quiet places to relax in."Two more gold medal-winners - Courtney Mathewson and Tumua Anae of the USA water polo team - checked in for a flight home to California. Flying to Toronto, Moscato, 28, said: "We enjoyed playing at all three cities and the hotels were good."This has been one of the best experiences I could have wished for. I could not have asked for more."Irish boxing gold medal-winner Katie Taylor was looking forward to seeing her grandmother, Kathleen Cranley.

Shortly before boarding a flight to Dublin, Taylor said: "My grandmother has just turned 80.

Our fans have really appreciated it." "The Ella and Carm Show" became "The Ella and Erin Show" after Moscato was traded to Boston in late June.

Masar said Mc Leod's personality was a good match to serve as Moscato's replacement.

And the athletes responded to the special arrangements at the west London airport by praising the London Games and the welcome they received.I'm very keen to see her and the whole family again."The atmosphere when I fought was tremendous.It's been an incredible Games and I have been privileged to be part of it."Messages left on the Olympic "memory tree" included one which recalled: "Huge crowds and smiles." Another said: "The secret of life is to die young ...The show is so low budget that Masar was the one who painted the "studio's" blue background. "We've got the whole thing going on here," Red Stars general manager Alyse La Hue said. "It's cool people are tuning in to see female soccer players talking about nonsense," Mc Leod said.The Red Stars were officially eliminated from playoff contention late Wednesday night, so Thursday's taping at the team's Lincoln Park office was the season's final show. Thursday's format is comparable with other shows' storylines.

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