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My mother was not risqué or even open around me as a child.

In fact, she was rather conservative if not prudish.

I suppose that's the genesis of wanting to fuck my mom.

Because my mother was so conservative, in my mind, incest was always going to be a forbidden taboo and one that played out in my mind only.

My mother was never wise to any of those indiscretions and luckily for me or I would have been in some serious hot water.

Nonetheless, I ultimately did 'bed' my mother while in a hotel room in Ohio.

To this day, she insists that me and my father are the only two men she has slept with.

Despite that, it was hard to not to take note of my mom.

For those who have not read my previous submissions, you may want indeed want to read them so as to put this into better context.

Some, actually most, would say she can stand to lose a good deal of weight.

That may indeed be true but her 34DD's and wide ass beg to differ, at least in my mind.

It was an amicable break up between and mom, and it stayed as such, until April 28th, 2010.

On Sunday, April 25th, 2010, my family, which consists of me, my mom, my father, my sister and her husband, and my girlfriend, soon to be fiancee, departed the shores of Miami for a week long Caribbean cruise.

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