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Last week Zimbabwe's first lady has urged her 93-year-old husband to name a successor, wading into a subject dictatorial President Robert Mugabe deems taboo. Mark my words, his word will be final.'It was the first time Mrs Mugabe has publicly urged her husband to name a successor, although she did not say whether her statements were aimed at next year's election.

Grace Mugabe, 52, told members of the ruling ZANU-PF party women's league that naming a successor 'will enable all members to rally behind one candidate'.

Zimbabwe is set to hold elections next year when authoritarian leader Mugabe, who is increasingly frail, will likely hold onto power after ruling since independence in 1980.

'We want to categorically condemn that incident and assure the nation that a joint team has been set up to conduct comprehensive investigations,' the police and defence forces said in a joint statement.'We also want to reaffirm that as security forces we are fully united despite this incident,' said the statement read out by police spokeswoman Charity Charamba, who declined to take questions from reporters.

If you feel flu-like symptoms that interfere with your daily routine, talk with your doctor.

Malaise, lethargy, social withdrawal, decreased appetite, and body aches could be signs of the flu—or it could be a depression that’s dragging you down. activity, appetite, body aches, cytokines, depression, diet, ENERGY, exercise, highlight, Illness, infection, inflammation, injury, lethargy, malaise, melvin mcinnis, mental, pain, physical, sleep, Spring 2016, stress, withdrawal Melvin G. and Nancy Upjohn Woodworth Professor of Bipolar Disorder and Depression and professor of psychiatry in the Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan School of Medicine. Prechter Bipolar Research Fund and associate director of the University of Michigan Depression Center.

Diet (excess processed sugars cause increased cytokines), and sleep and physical activity (low levels of either can result in increased cytokines) are common culprits; even the stressors of everyday life can boost these inflammatory markers.From an evolutionary perspective, sickness behavior is important, as it is nature’s way of pulling an ill person out of action and giving him or her time to get well.In the days of early humankind, developing an infection affected the capacity to participate in the daily activities necessary for survival, and the pattern of sickness behaviors provided the basis for the individual to rest and (hopefully) recover. Not a lot has been written or discussed on the topic of sickness behavior, as it is a term that emerged from veterinary medicine.Drivers post videos on social media showing arguments with police officers, who often seek bribes.One video that attracted many views last year showed a policeman using abusive language in an alteration at a roadblock with an airforce officer.

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