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Please read the multiple web posts on problems related to this receiver.A previous reviewer of this radio from the mid 2000s claimed to have worked for National Radio in the mid 1960s through the early 1970s and he stated that one of his jobs was to repair these receivers.Unless you like handling ungrounded radio equipment and do not mind the potential for electric shock to whoever touches the metal cabinet, this should be rectified in any overhaul for this receiver.I know that some hams feel that the design of this receiver is better than the Collins 51S-1, The design is only one of the issues that you look at when you buy a receiver.In that review, he commented extensively about the quality of the components that were used in these receivers.

The synthesizer is difficult to repair properly because of this.That would have saved me many headaches that I experienced trying to trouble shoot all of the problems that I had with this receiver.If one is considering buying this receiver, I would strongly recommend buying one that has been properly overhauled and calibrated correctly unless you like radio projects and do not mind doing a complete rebuild on this receiver.It has been two years since I put a review of this receiver on e I brought one of these receivers (with LF-10 VLF adaptor) at the Dayton Ham fest in May 1998 and I owned it until 2003.

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