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I am not a happy customer Very unhappy customer Nichola Carty LVNA 30132048 313 721 XXXX Reply After almost 13 years of employment with Menards I recently found a better opportunity for me and my family and accepted a new career path. Currently I had been working at a Mini Xdock (Building 25) in Eau Claire, WI where I was a supervisor.I had never missed a day of work, always showed up early to get prepared for the day, and worked all my days off. Just one week short of completing my two week notice, I was told by Aaron Simon ( Concrete Manager) that I was no longer needed and not to come back to work the next day.ATTN: John Menard ATTN: Scott Collette Reply I have had the absolute worst customer experience, I have every had from this store and its management team .

He asked what he could do and I explained the issue again.

So we went back to the store and asked the Manager on duty in that department ,what could be done to get this back in a timely Fashion since we have waited 4 weeks to get this one , he said he would call the vendor and get back to me , but it may be faster to credit this one that is wrong and place a new order and let them know that they made a mistake and he needs this vanity back in a couple weeks .

I never received the phone follow-up back from Robert as promised ,so I called back the following day to get news of what he figured out .

The company agreed to make changes, but this paves the way for a nationwide, class action lawsuit from employees.

Today, Menards has over 300 stores in 14 US states.

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He not only screwed me out of a pay check, but the reason they let me go before my 2 weeks was up was so they did not have to pay me for my 4 weeks of vacation I had coming.

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