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Projekt ustawy dopuszcza "wymianę licznika przebiegu całkowitego pojazdu tylko wtedy, gdy licznik (w ogóle) nie odmierza przebiegu pojazdu w sytuacji, w której ze względu na jego przeznaczenie, powinien ten przebieg odmierzać".Nowelizacja co do zasady zabrania wymiany licznika przebiegu pojazdu.In fact, this type of casual atmosphere can give you a great opportunity to get to know your date better face-to-face than you may have online.But when it comes to smart behavior, not getting overly intoxicated will allow you to better enjoy your date make smarter decisions when it comes to next steps.

Minister Sprawiedliwości Zbigniew Ziobro, odnosząc się w listopadzie ub.r.

Meet In Public One of the most common-sense pieces of advice anyone can give about online dating is to always have your first meeting in a public place.

It may be tempting to invite someone over for Netflix and dinner, but a casual dinner at a restaurant or cup of coffee at a local café gives you an opportunity to get a better gauge of someone’s personality and behavior without compromising the sanctity of your personal space.

If you’re meeting in public, for example, there’s no reason for your date to have your home address.

Additionally, talking about how much money you make or the nice things you own might seem like a good way to impress someone, but in reality, it’s a good way to make yourself a target for ill-intentioned individuals.

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