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Andy also had to take a vow of celibacy – something most men in their early 20s wouldn’t even want to consider. “The day-to-day routine varied depending on whether I was living in a monastery, in a retreat, or teaching meditation in a city,” he remembers.“On a retreat you get up typically at three in the morning, then you meditate till 10 in the evening, so there’s not all that much to talk about.In just a few weeks’ time the app will be officially released in America, too.These are certainly exciting times for entrepreneur Andy, who enjoys the fruits of his labour in Los Angeles with his wife and new born son, Harley. As a younger man the 41-year-old had little to his name but the clothes on his back and food in his back pocket.A few years on and the app to which the phrase belongs – Headspace – has not only transformed the lives of those who use it, but also that of its founder, Andy Puddicombe.Bristol-born Andy set up Headspace to bring meditation to the masses in a way that would cut the airy-fairyness out of it."We all need to get a little head space” – it’s a catchphrase that has become ingrained into the psyches of more than a million people worldwide.And it’s all thanks to the quiet ambition of one man who wanted to help stressed-out executives achieve more calm.

Starting in northern India, he ordained as a novice monk in the Burmese tradition and much later on as a Tibetan Buddhist monk.

It’s certainly not everyone’s cup of tea.” After a stint teaching Buddhism in Moscow, Andy then decided to return to England in 2004 to study a degree in Circus skills.

“I wanted to integrate myself back into society after spending so many years with my eyes closed,” he says.

His mother took him to a relaxation class in his home city of Bristol, which he mistakenly thought was going to be a kung fu lesson.

Although disappointed he wouldn’t be karate chopping like Bruce Lee, the class did give the budding guru an insight into how quietening the mind could lead to a greater sense of wellbeing.

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They all swear by the soothing 10-minute bites of daily “timeout” prescriptions.

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