Fish in the sea dating network what to write in an initial online dating email

In the Pacific Ocean, he envisioned big, gluttonous whales attacking passing ships, and preening sirens waiting to seduce the sailors.

by Joseph Nigg Many of the creatures in Ortelius's map were inspired by the version released decades earlier by Olaus Magnus, a Catholic priest who left Scandinavia for Rome after the Reformation.

Mesmerising footage shows an exotic red sea slug that looks just like a flamenco dancer.

The beautiful video of the floating mollusc, called a Spanish dancer fish, was captured by a professional diver off the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea.

Spanish dancers are hermaphrodites, so all individuals are simultaneously male and female.As the 'fish' drifts through the water, its vibrant red fins look just like a red dress twisting and turning in a dance.The Spanish dancer fish is in fact a sea slug - and one of the largest on the planet. Its bright colours serve as a warning to potential predators that it does not taste good.This movement looks like a Spanish dancer, which is how it gets its name.'It was a single dive, and I had already to prepared to go back to the surface when I saw a Spanish dancer' said diver Vitaly Bazarov who captured the amazing footage.'It's a very beautiful mollusc, and usually divers find them at night and in the bottom of the ocean.'I saw this creature during the day and in the shallow water for the first time', he said.If it feels threatened it flaps its gills - parading its bright warning colours - as seen in this amazing footage.

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