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It is a world that is so much more appealing than the sterile debates about religion in the media today.Britain's religious history is mostly Christian, but it is far more diverse and provocative than you would expect.The series casts a new light on some of Britain’s oldest stories, shedding light on some remarkable landscapes, eye-catching traditions and gloriously unexpected Christian rituals.“I will appear in the second episode, where we dip into the wonderful world of water rituals and sacred bathing here in Britain: this is Christian tradition at its most refreshingly unexpected and moving."From the first sighting of the Loch Ness Monster by a sixth century missionary, who supposedly drove the beastie away with the sign of the cross, to the oldest church in the country at Bradwell-on-Sea in Essex, there are some mysterious places and wonderful tales to enjoy.”The series will be presented by the Welsh poet Ifor ap Glyn who last year hosted the critically acclaimed BBC4 series The Toilet: An Unspoken History.The pivotal moment, he says, was the funeral of Princess Diana, comparing the public's reverence for the memory of a much-loved figure with the tradition of venerating saints' shrines.Jeffrey John gives a very moving account of how he and his cathedral have responded to the reappearance a decade ago of relics of St Alban, England’s first local saint and martyr, in their cathedral and worship after an absence of nearly 500 years.It is easier than ever to meet bored housewives, and I don't know how to explain it, because from what I've seen, they seem to be hornier that ever and they just lose control when they find out about the possibility of having sex with other guy than their husbands. Just imagine fucking like shopping online: you log in and select from the available options who you'd like to have sex with.

About the book and TV series Former financial journalist Nick Mayhew Smith spent five summers visiting all corners of England, Scotland and Wales to research his book.Britain's Holiest Places has been turned into a major BBC television series, presented by the Welsh poet and broadcaster Ifor ap Glyn (pictured above left with author Nick Mayhew-Smith at Whitby Abbey).Nick acted as consultant on the series and also appears in the second episode, about water rituals.If you don't know anything about the online dating and if you haven't tried already to meet bored housewives, you may thing that it's kind of easy, but if you ask someone that has some experience in doing this, he'll surely tell you about how much they hide and how they don't want to admit that they look for a fuck buddy.Sure, that happens on the sites where these women may think that their husbands could find out about them, but on a site where only the registered users can browse the photo galleries submitted by other people, you can forget about these worries. You may be a little confused, but if you think a little bit, you know that it has been one of your biggest fantasies, because no matter if you say it out loud or not, every guy from this world is attracted by mature women, and you'll be a fool to miss this chance of satisfying your hidden desires.

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It's a win-win situation, because they get what they want and you get something that could be the best fuck you'll ever get.

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