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I reckon I would be prepared to sit through a 2 hour presentation and then say no to everything if we were getting a week for 30 all in.But like they say, 'there's no such thing as a free lunch! i'll give you as mich info as poss as we used to be members of Club la are effectively buying time to use on holidays - its not like the 'old school' timeshares where it was just one location you can go to - these have over 200 resorts worldwide that they own themselves, and are affiliated with RCI (the 'original' timeshare business), giving you the choice of thousands more destinations/hotels etc.We went to the presentation as it wasnt too far from us (ok we're in Notts and it was in Coventry -but I was curious! they do offer you finance though if this helps you?

within 3 weeks I found out I was pregnant, my job changed and i couldnt take hardly any holidays, and towards the end of pregnancy I had severe SPD!I did a quick google search and it looks like they try to flog you timeshares which we wouldn't be interested in.My questions is - Is it worth taking the 'free' holiday, and just sitting through some sales pitch which I am sure there will be at some point? I have booked one for September so will find out in the soonish future!So its costing us about 300 on top of the 29 for the 3 of us (plus of course all food etc out there as its self catering).So suddenly it doesnt look like such an amazing deal!

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Thanks for all that info Louise, it's been very helpful.

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