Geologic dating techniques

Tschirhart) U-2.1 - Metal pathways and traps in polymetallic (U /- Fe, Cu, Au, REE) metasomatic ore systems (Lead: E.Potter) Latest Uranium Project Publications: Publications 2010-2015 Uranium Synthesis results: Uranium For porphyry systems, the two main knowledge gaps in the ore-forming process are: 1) How, when and why do parental magmas gain sufficient metals to produce world-class, supergiant metal deposits; and 2) How, when and where are metals deposited into economic ore concentrations?Pinet) Latest Gold Project Publications: Publications 2010-2015 Gold Synthesis results: Lode Gold Magmatic ore deposits of Ni-Cu-PGEs, Cr, and Fe-Ti-V represent an important class of mineral deposits across Canada, forming the backbone of a number of established and emerging mining camps (e.g., Thompson, Raglan, Sudbury, Voisey’s Bay, Mid-Continent Rift (MCR), and Ring of Fire).They are the product of magmatic ore systems, fueled by large volumes of deep-seated magma derived from the Earth’s mantle.A component of the subproject will also evaluate the role of marine brines in the formation of ‘giant’ uranium deposits, following on from recent studies that suggest marine brines play a critical role in scavenging metals from source rocks and efficiently transporting ore to form large tonnage uranium deposits (e.g., Athabasca Basin deposits, Olympic Dam IOCG).The Uranium-Rich Deep Metasomatic Processes subproject will address sources and processes of uranium enrichment in iron oxide-alkali alteration systems that host IOCG and similar deposits by evaluating the spatial and temporal fluid-metal evolution of these metasomatic systems.

These sites are distributed across the country in most of the provinces and territories.

The Uranium Fluid Pathways subproject will focus on novel means of identifying the fertile faults that are the main fluid conduits during formation of unconformity-related uranium deposits.

Through application of geochemical, isotopic, mineralogical and geophysical data analysis, the study aims to examine the role of long-lived reactivation of crustal-scale shear zones and quantify ore-related demagnetisation/alteration along structural trends and the intersections of crustal-scale faults.

There are 8 in Yukon, 2 in Nunavut, 6 in British Columbia, 1in Saskatchewan, 2 in Manitoba, 9 in Ontario, 6 in Quebec, 2 in Newfoundland and Labrador, 2 in New Brunswick, and 2 in Nova Scotia.

There are 8 Volcanic and Sedimentary Systems, 6 Nickel, Copper and Platinum Group Elements, 7 Porphyry Systems, 3 Uranium and 14 Gold Systems and 1 specialty metal systems.

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