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But rising above the mire is a brace of classic titles, chief among them the original animated take on Dr Seuss’s ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

’ (1966), and, of course, the perennially awesome ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ (1965), one of the sweetest, most beautiful films ever made for children.

You may think Christmas movies are all about snow, Santa and saccharine sentiment, but from cosy suburbia to outer space, from gangsters to Grinches, from Charles Dickens to Charlie Brown, there’s a whole world of entertainment to be had come the holiday season.

We round up the 100 best (and worst) festive flicks, handily categorised, alphabetised and delivered straight down your digital chimney. Cartoons and Christmas are a perfect fit, which is presumably why every year the festive DVD shelves are stocked with knock-off, keep-the-kids-quiet sludge about magic reindeer and happy elves.

Not a Christmas film per se, but we would be remiss if we didn’t flag up the Pythons’ sidelong tilt at the life story of the guy who kicked the whole thing off.The internet lists no less than 21 straight adaptations of Dickens’s story – but considering that list doesn’t even find space for sarky, sour-pussed Bill Murray comedy ‘Scrooged’ (1988), we can safely assume there are many more.Among the favourites, the ever-so-cosy 1951 version starring Alastair Sim stands out, though not literally, unlike Robert Zemeckis’s slightly-too-slick 2009 3D version with Jim Carrey.Vicious, materialistic and greedy he may be, but elfing is seasonal work and the little man has to afford his cocaine and Filipino mail order brides all year round.But lest we start feeling too sorry for Santa’s Little Helpers, consider the murderous critters in unnecessarily Nazi-themed cheapjack slasher ‘Elves’ (1989), who bring a whole new meaning to the term White Christmas.

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