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A bill of sale is a document that helps to confirm the transfer of ownership of property.

By detailing the agreement made between seller and buyer, the bill of sale acts as evidence of a contract and is legally binding.

Powder diffraction data of the ice samples were collected using monochromatic X-ray radiation, 0.2755 Å, and a MAR 345 online imaging system at intervals of approximately 2 GPa up to ~71.5, ~74.5, and ~68 GPa, respectively.

Analyses of the data provided volume-pressure relations (at 298 K) which were used to detail the ice VII-ice X phase transition.

No money should ever be transferred before the buyer and seller have an agreed upon bill of sale.

You can write your own Bill of Sale or download our generic Bill of Sale here: DOWNLOAD A bill of sale protects the seller too.

With a bill of sale, the buyer has an agreement in writing that they will receive the vehicle for a specified price.

In New Zealand, unlike other countries, any finance secured against a vehicle does not show on the VIR sheet (Vehicle Inspection Report).

Getting a guaranteed clear title was traditionally one of the benefits of buying from a Licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer, however at Kick the Tyres you can find out if a car has a security registered against it.

With mechanical warranties now available on private vehicles and the internet enabling easy contact between buyers & sellers you can save thousands on your next car whether you buy from a dealer or privately and still get all the protections that used to be exclusive to car dealer only sales.

Here is a quick guide to the Do's & Don't of online car buying from the team at Kick the Tyres.

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This will be money owing on it from a previous owner and it stops you getting 100% clear ownership of that vehicle.

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