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Mix networks anonymize messages by encrypting them in layers and routing them through a series of computers that serve as intermediaries.

But Priva Tegrity, which Chaum's been developing as a side project for the last two years along with a team of academic partners at Purdue, Radboud University in the Netherlands, Birmingham University and other schools, is meant to be both more secure than existing online anonymity systems like Tor or I2P and also more efficient; he claims it will be fast enough to work as a smartphone app with no perceptible delay."It’s a way to create a separate online reality," says Chaum, "One in which all the various things we now know people like to do online can be done in a lightweight manner under a completely different and new and very attractive privacy and security model."That ambitious privacy toolset aside, Chaum is also building into Priva Tegrity another feature that's sure to be far more controversial: a carefully controlled backdoor that allows anyone doing something “generally recognized as evil” to have their anonymity and privacy stripped altogether.Whoever controls that backdoor within Priva Tegrity would have the power to decide who counts as "evil"—too much power, Chaum recognizes, for any single company or government.His inventions include the first-ever cryptocurrency, a 1990s venture known as Digi Cash, and DC Nets, a scheme he invented in the early '80s to allow theoretically perfect anonymity within a group of computers.But perhaps the most influential of Chaum’s privacy ideas was an earlier, simpler scheme he called a “mix network,” a term he coined in 1979.

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The result, Chaum argues, is a new approach that “breaks the crypto wars,” satisfying both the law enforcement agencies who argue that encryption offers a haven for criminals, and also those who argue that it’s necessary to hobble mass spying.“If you want a way to solve this apparent logjam, here it is,” says Chaum. We don’t have to allow terrorists and drug dealers to use it.

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