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Most people look at a large number of profile but contact very few (or sometimes none at all).Don’t take it personally and if you think she’s interesting why not contact her? In my online dating guide I discuss this in great detail in my section on an absence of responses.This package also allows the member to see when people open emails that they send and their profiles are shown to new members first. As a side note, I had always thought that the 6-month guarantee came free with the standard 6-month plan but it is actually a separate plan (that costs a dollar more per month than the standard 6-month plan).I suspect this had been changed at some point but it’s only a dollar more per month so I guess it isn’t a huge problem. One question had asked if a green profile meant the user was a subscriber.

Once you find the chatline you like, you'll want to buy minutes at a promotional rate for first time buyers.

Below is a compilation of all the best free chat lines and party lines in the US and Canada.

You can use these phone dating services to find women (or men) looking to meet up and have a good time.

Be sure to read all the rules as there are additional qualifications. If you are a paying subscriber to, you can contact anyone you want regardless of whether they pay or not.

How Much will the Six Month Guarantee Cost in Total? As I covered in my discussion of issues with the six month guarantee, you cannot hide your profile and still qualify for the guarantee.

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This time I wanted to cover other types of questions that have sent people here. Unfortunately, doesn’t reveal who is a paying member and who is not.

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