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Though nobody actually flamed 3's story, or maybe cuz it's just too random for you guys to handle? *cries in tissue* Tw TElysea: *stares at 3 as if she's crazy*3: I'm just telling the truth! Got You went shopping with Kellayno because you're high on sugar =w='Akira: I got You threw the present from Raven and Crow Rider because you're hungry XDDDDDDDDDDDDDLorelei: Mine's You played matchmaker with Eve and Eve's genderbend because he/she's cruel : D ... I just hope that my luck will last, but something tells me it won't. " "I don't know, but you know the tutor your father choose is really nice so you don't need to worry about it." "How-". However, when a mysterious voice tells her she has to befriend Yugi Muto and save the world, she knows something fishy is going on -that, and the world is totally screwed. It shouldn't have been surprising to see it come crashing down. A walk through a strange alley way causes her to enter the world of her greatest fantasies.

In Len's case, the beautiful voice of a mysterious blonde girl was what caused him to be curious about her. A person who has seen one way things would go, but thought how would things go if he could try and change things.

Flora is a poor girl who lives in a village in Lynphia whereas Helia is the son of a rich businessman, Baron Knightly. It's not enough that Sophie's lost on the Grand Line, nope.

Rated T for stuff that happens later on in the story.

OC added.*Chapters edited*It's funny how some people can fall in love with just a simple stare. Ever wonder how much difference one person could make?

What was all this feeling that hit her and what exactly happened to her? Minato and Minako have come to exist in the same world, and they set off on their journey once again, down a familiar path. Given another chance to live, she returned to the beginning with a different mission. But how could she accomplish such mission when the Fall is inevitable and love blossomed in the most unexpected situations?

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If they have to move to Helia's house and Flora is forced into a marriage with Helia? Sometimes you gotta take a few detours before you find your way home.

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