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He'd dug it for the very occasional time that he had his friends over.

Tonight, there was no one waiting there for him but his ghosts.

Walking into his sparsely-furnished home days later, he set down his bags and looked around. Glad I didn't miss anything." He placed one long distance phone call, and after hearing pretty much what he expected, he promised to be on his way soon.

He placed a second call, and made a hasty arrangement for noon the next day. Later that evening, he stared at a pair of photographs on his desktop monitor as he drank his second beer.

Two of the crew tried to engage him in small conversation to get his mind off everything, but he didn't have much desire to reciprocate and they gave up after a while.

He imagined that he now knew how it felt to be a spent piece of ammunition and just wanted to be left alone. I had a hell of a time just seeing everybody for the dust at first." He grinned, "But I'm here now, so you can get started, unless there are forms that I have to fill out in triplicate or something." The medics told him he'd lost some blood.

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Sometime after the second beer, he heard the word again in his mind, the last thing she'd ever said as she smiled up at him just before she died in the arms of a soldier from the other side of the world. If he could have had his wish, he'd have been what the word meant, because then he'd have been able to save her.

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