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Only after her death would they discoverhow she had secretly chattedonline to emo followers all over theworld, talking about death and of the"black parade" — a place where emosbelieve they go after they die.A check of Hannah's home page onsocial networking site Bebo revealedher pseudonym, Living Disaster, andthat she'd decorated it with a pictureof an emo girl with bloody wrists.

Follow these steps to appeal to emos, and increase your chances of winning over an emo girl.

Another picture showed a child'sexercise book scrawled with thewords: "Dear Diary, today I give up."While Hannah's wrist injuries mayhave been slight, the issue of selfharmamong adolescents is causinggrowing concern in British schools.

Scroll down for more New figures show that the number ofchildren admitted to hospital due toinjuries inflicted on themselves hasrisen by a third in five years.

They could find only one clue: Hannah was what is known as an "emo".

Some describe it as a cult or a sect, but in reality the term — derived fromthe word "emotional" — encapsulates a trend that is becoming hugely popularamong Britain's schoolchildren.

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